Accepting payments online

Dear Customers, we have many partner banks around the world. We own payment processor in Latvia and are «an agent of the zero rate» of all major payment systems. Thanks to these advantages, we offer the best conditions in the market. Please, contact us!
Advantages of accepting payments with Ecommerce Payments:
• VISA and Mastercard cards
• Electronic currency
• Mobile payments
• Bank transfers
• Minimal rates
• More than 50 payment options
• Easy and fast integration
• Automation of online sales
• Work with HIGHRISK projects
• Implementation of complex solutions
• Lots of extra services
• Individual approach

Accepting payments online

Domestic businesses often face many difficulties when implementing offshore scheme of work. Several reasons for this are: First, domestic providers overestimate the commission for electronic payments for offshore companies. Second, direct connection of the offshore company to domestic processor is often impossible (for example, 95% of European processors cross boarding licenses allows them to operate only inside EU). Third, the data about incoming payments always come to the domestic tax office therefore tax planning opportunities, which typically are very broad in the Internet business, are no longer available for domestic companies.

In such a situation, some «old school» companies, specializing in offshore business services for ordinary companies try to sell service of deployment of acquiring in foreign processors for 6-8 thousand euros. Often, acquiring services are offered in the absence of the necessary experience and understanding of customer needs. Today the state of affairs in an area such as acceptance of electronic payments is clearly reflected by the following table. Table below describes the situation in Russia but it is also valid for other countries.

of financial
Classic example
(in Russia)
to connect
Rate Setup complexity Convenience for buyer Funds withdrawal fee Income is hidden from the domestic tax authorities
Domestic banks Sberbank,
V 2..4% Very complicated 🙁 0,1..1% X
Domestic processors Robokassa,
V 2..4% Intermediate 🙂 0,5..1,5% X
Domestic payment
V 1..2% processor's
+ 0,5..2% bank's
Easy :\ 1..2% X
International banks and processors Barklays bank, FirstData, JCC X 0,5..1,5% Very complicated :\ 0,1..0,5% Varies by jurisdiction
Иностранные платежные системы Paypal, MoneyBrookers X 1..2% processor's
+ 0,5..1% bank's
Intermediate 🙂 2..3% Varies by jurisdiction
iPayDNA X 4..6% Complicated 🙂 0,1..0,5% V
By analyzing these data, it is easy to understand that the domestic business, which wishes to receive payments via the Internet, is in a situation where no options suits its needs.

Fortunately, a solution exists. Solution is in the simultaneous creation of offshore legal entities, use of financial technologies of withdrawing funds to offshore accounts, and maximal use of the features allowed in the Internet business itself. Plans how to use these technologies are also called «offshore schemes».

Electronic payments

Additional factors

Accepting payments online using such schemes allows the decrease of the total expenses (including taxes) of most online businesses in the amount of 2-3%. However, not everything is so simple. It is not enough to connect payment service — Internet companies need to take steps to minimize losses arising from the activities of fraudsters (Fraud payments) and cancellations of payments (Chargeback). For this purpose, various means of fraud-filtration like customer phone support service, usage of automated fraud-filters, variety of blacklists and some other measures may be used. Similar services in different forms and at different prices are also provided by payment service providers.

As can be seen, in order to optimally organize the online payments, you must have significant experience and possess the relevant information about the global market of electronic payments, precisely because of the complexity of the issue. To solve this problem a comprehensive service has been developed by us, code-named «Simple Online Payments».

This service includes assistance at every stage of connection — from the development of the scheme of payment processing and registration of offshore entities to configuration of Fraud-filters for certain categories of customers. As part of this service, each client is offered an individual scheme, which depends on the characteristics of its business model and the degree of «riskiness» of the business. Here are some examples of the choice of payment system, depending on the level of «riskiness».

System of payment acceptance

Algorithms of Ecommerce Payments

As a rule, it is most advantageous to serve «low-risk» Russian businesses are the European jurisdictions, such as Cyprus or Denmark. Typical difficulties in connecting these companies are absence of contracts, offers and English-language versions of the main pages of their sites. Also, providers often explain the failure by incomprehensibility of business model or by the violation of the copyright or other content. Therefore, we prepare our clients in advance for contact with the partner bank or provider — we help with English-language versions of the required documents and the legal organization of the site, as well as provide the necessary advice to business owners. With our help, in 100 % of the cases, low-risk businesses are successfully connected to the European processing.

The online payment providers does not have to be European or American — for every type of business, its own method of connectivity should be chosen. For example, such problematic and licensed in Europe subjects like online trade of pharmaceuticals is well served in Egypt. Adult sites, from which the «Western world» requires contracts with the models do not experience any difficulties in Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam. Mauritius and Seychelles processors specialize in betting and gambling.
Символы электронных платежей

Our services:

■ Setup of VISA / MasterCard payments through our processing
■ Help in organization of activity using the offshore schemes
■ Connection of third-party payment systems and foreign banks
■ Services to minimize the level of «Chargeback» and protection against fraud
■ Consultation on the integration of billing (payment) servers
Tariffs for connection of affiliate payment systems (connection to our system is always free) For trade of virtual goods globally For domestic trade of virtual goods For trade of physical goods in the EU & US
Easy connection of the website to an affiliate payment system or bank
• Fan emailing of requests on processors and banks (more than 50 providers)
• Selection of proposals with minimal rates
• Preparation of the set of primary documents
• Negotiating with contractors
• Consulting on integration with payment systems
299 €
setup fee
370 €
setup fee
199 ~ 970 €
depending on the request
Aggregated solution for minimizing commission and taxation with the maximum number of payment options
• Fan emailing of requests on partner processors and banks (more than 50 providers)
• Implementation of the tax minimization schemes
• Creation of legal entities (1-4 pcs. depending on the complexity of the scheme)
• Search of payment solutions with minimal rates and maximum selection of options
• Preparation of primary documents
• Negotiation with contractors
• Consultation on integration with payment systems
1770 €
~3700 €
2-3 legal entities, accounts, processor / bank

+ 999 €
tax planning services (development of the activity scheme)
2499 €
one legal entity, account, processor / bank, complex connection
• Preparation of agreements between holding companies and contracts-offers with end-payers
• Protection of intellectual property rights for software, domain names, etc
• Obtaining licenses to conduct business
• Opening accounts in offshore banks.
At standard rates and by agreement
Connection to payment system with us can occur in two scenarios:
First option:
«Simple connection of Internet payments»
* It is assumed that legal entity already exist, bank accounts are opened and sales statistics is present
1. During telephone conversations, postal correspondence or by filling out the Vendor Application Form, the client submits his wishes about required payment options and leaves the contact details. Our managers identify possible ways of cooperation.
2. During telephone conversations, postal correspondence or by filling out the Vendor Application Form, the client submits his wishes about required payment options and leaves the contact details. Our managers identify possible ways of cooperation.
3. Pre-approval in our processor or in any third-party processor of bank usually takes 2-3 days. After that, as a rule, the customer is recommended to provide additional information about his business, and, if necessary, make changes to the website to meet the requirements of card regulators.
4. Customer receives preliminary proposals on the existing opportunities for rates, fees, abuses, volume of the «Hold» and then we send full application form. If the connection is through Ecommerce Payments then also integration instructions will also be sent immediately.
5. The processing of the full application form usually takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the operation circuit.
6. If the connection is made through us, then a contract is signed and payment acceptance begins. If it is made through a third-party provider, then first of all, payment for our services must be made (300 euro) and then we coordinate client’s further steps with payment system or bank.
7. Connection is completed.
The second option:
«An offshore scheme + payments connection»
In this case, a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the customer is made. Necessary negotiations are held and a plan of action is developed. Details of the procedure of interaction in creating an offshore business is described in the relevant article about the creation of offshore schemes. With this collaboration, the algorithm of «Simple connection» as described above is also present, but it is only part of the operations within the overall project.

If you need an organization of receiving payments on your company site, the best way to do that is by contacting us. Service may be provided by companies from countries all over the world, without a personal meeting, including on the basis of a request by e-mail and minimum telephone conversations. We are always happy to help you. Please, contact us.