Payment Processing

Dear Customers, we have many partner banks around the world. We own payment processor in Latvia and are “an agent of the zero rate” of all major payment systems. Thanks to these advantages, we offer the best conditions in the market. Please, contact us!

Payment Processing

Three coins - symbol of processingPayment processing. Necessary historical background: Before the era of the Internet and the emergence of the possibility of checking credit card balance online, there were three types of organizations taking part in card payments:
1. Card companies-regulators issuing cards for banks and equipment to read them. They were VISA, MasterCard, American Express and others.
2. Banks, which under the control of regulators issued credit cards for their customers and made operations of debiting / crediting funds between each other using databases and financial guarantees of regulators
3. Different business companies – clients of banks that had a significant delay in receiving money from their clients on special Merchant Accounts in their banks
In the 90’s, with the development of the Global network, the ability to check the balance of payment cards online appeared and the banks began to first issue debit cards (before that there were only “credit” cards). At the same time there were groups of specialists who took advantage of the lack of legislation in the field of online payments, and started to create their own electronic currency. These companies were essentially Internet-banks, but in fact acted outside the banking legislation. And there was a need to give the name to the activity, and the term “Processing” appeared, short for «Credit Card Processing». Server Rooms with billing servers began to be called “Payment Processing Clearinghouses”, and companies, having provided processing services became known as “Payment Processors”.

Fees for setup of payment processing:

Fees for setup of VISA and MasterCard card processing, as well as electronic currencies in payment systems of our partners. Connection to our system is always free. For virtual goods / services globally For physical goods / services domestic For physical goods / services in EU & US ЕС
Easy connection of the website to our partner international processor or bank
• Emailing of information for the processors and banks (more than 50 providers) • Choice of solutions with opti
mal conditions
• Preparation of the set of required documents
• Negotiations with payment systems
• Consultations on system integration
299 €
connection to processor
370 €
connection to processor
199 ~ 970 €
depends on the completeness of the provided documentation
The aggregated solution for "complex" connections with tax planning and large number of options
• Emailing of information on affiliate processors and banks (more than 50 providers)
• Tax planning (design of offshore schemes of activity)
• Creation of structure of legal entities (1-4 pcs. depending on the complexity of the solution)
• Choice of payment solutions with optimal terms, rates, and list of options
• Preparation of the set of required documents
• Negotiations with the processor representatives
• Consultations on the system integration
1770 €
one company, offshore bank account, connection of processor
~3700 €
2-3 companies, offshore bank account, connection to processor

+ 999 €
tax planning
2499 €
one company, offshore bank account, complex connection of processor
• Preparation of contracts for companies of the holding and offer agreemens for end customers
• Protection of intellectual property (domain name, program, etc.)
• Obtaining business licenses
• Opening offshore accounts for shareholders
At standard rates and by agreement

Processing clearinghouse

Legislation. Licensing. Relations with banks.

Over the last 15 years in most countries legislation has developed governing card processing online. Typically, this is a set of rights and obligations under the name PSP / IPSP License (Internet Payment Service Provider License). The cost of these licenses and options provided in each state are different. But usually, IPSP allows companies, in the presence of the agreements with the banks that are members of VISA and MasterCard (and have corresponding licensed PSP for the bank processing), to initiate the procedure of clearing, i.e. write-off of money from one account and enter it to another.

In addition to various PSP and IPSP licenses, there is also regulatory documentation of companies-regulators that determine the rules of the game in the global market of card payments. The most extensive of such documentation is «Card Acceptance and Chargeback Management Guidelines» of VISA.

With the development of electronic payments a lot of large processing systems have created their own banks. However, most processing companies are still “pure processors” having built processing centers and concluded agreements with several banks. This gives them an advantage and at the same time is their weak point – they do not have money. With the link, there is illustration of the classic credit card processing clearinghouse.

Plastic cards processing

The opportunities of “pure processors”

The advantages of processing companies to banking institutions are that they are not subject to banking regulations and are not related to any particular policy or obligations to depositors. Typically, these payment processors are working with several banks, capitalizing on the features of each, with the result of smaller size of the commission for the merchant. The second advantage is the ability to work with electronic currencies, as it cannot be made by a regular bank.

Processing of bank cards without “overbank” control (especially offshore), is much less “transparent” for different regulators and supervisors than Internet acquiring in prestigious banks. This feature enables to serve clients of «Super high risk» class, sometimes ironically called «Hard to place merchants». To work with these “special” customers takeover operations of merchant class are used, replacing replicas, “dilution” of payments by payments “to youself” for reducing the percentage of chargebacks, and other tricks. Today, while working in conjunction with some Asian and American banks, which are in unity with processors, can hide even fraud of “black merchants” from VISA or MasterCard. Of course, the cost of processing in such organizations is much higher, and the interaction itself is associated with significant risks.

Types of processing systems

As it can be seen, the processing of cards is divided into three categories: “white”, “gray” and “black”:

Law-abiding “white” processors are usually residents of the EU and the U.S. They work only with low-risk businesses of the companies registered in prestigious jurisdictions, which are paying all the taxes. The cost of connecting to these payment systems is minimal, and the procedure is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the taxes in the prestigious jurisdictions do not allow them to compete on the size of the commission with the second class of providers.

The “gray zone” includes companies registered in various offshores, low-tax jurisdictions and certain countries of the Asian region. Those are normal companies, other than the “white” that are willing to negotiate the maintenance of virtually all businesses, including the sale of pharmaceuticals, “dating” services, adult sites and other High Risk classes. In negotiations with such companies the difficulty is that they are not ready to talk on the “delicate topics” with customers “from the street”. In order to communicate with them on the “complex connections” personal contacts are required, as well as reputation, and sometimes the warranty of representative. However, as a rule, they offer the best choice in terms of price / quality ratio.

As for the “black processors”, they solve problems of payments processing of any, even frankly illegal businesses. For technical reasons, this kind of activity cannot be achieved individually without the participation of their bank which opened the account, so they are always working in conjunction with the latter. As a rule, those are odious offshores and Chinese banks. Due to the dynamics and risk in this area, such structures are highly secret and direct negotiations without representatives is almost impossible. And if they will be able to cooperate, there is a high probability that the processor will be “closed”, together with the entire sum of “hold.” However, working in this area is possible.

Our processing services

As offshore services company, we have a wide network of contractors across the globe. This feature allowed us to establish close contacts with many foreign and offshore processors and banks. At customer’s request, we will carry out search of most sutable payment systems and provide connection to them with the most favorable conditions. Also we provide the following services for our customers:

■ Selection of the processor / bank providing the best conditions
■ Rebuild business to a tax-free offshore scheme
■ Selection of offshore processing company for new business model
■ Full-scale negotiations with processors / banks
■ Establishing of business to offshore zones for tax optimization
■ Audit of international Internet projects in legal and IT field
■ Create your own processors (licenses, servers, integration)
■ Getting a license for processing companies and banks around the world
■ Consultation on any issues of obtaining processing services

We connect any class of merchants and assist in the implementation of the most complex billing schemes, such as the outgoing payments to individuals, massive micropayments or creating exchanges of electronic currencies. Our company is interested in the implementation of single orders, and in conducting market research and support of your business for a long time in the field of legal, tax, marketing and IT consulting. We are always glad to help you. Please, contact us.