How we connect to partner payment systems

How we connect to partner payment systems

Feature of our company is the large number of links with foreign Payment Processors and Banks. Most of these contacts were established during personal meetings. We have specially selected partners so that they have a variety of competitive advantages. A general list of specializations of our partners is:
■ Dumping commissions
■ Prestigious European banks
■ Specialists in High Risk businesses
■ Working with licensed areas
■ Minimum time for setup
■ Minimum requirements for owners
■ Services to decrease Chargeback level
■ Services of Call-centers
■ Presence of any language technical support
Partner payment systems worldwide
There are European, US, Israeli, Egyptian, Korean, Malaysian and Chinese Processors and Banks, as well as payment systems of a number of offshore jurisdictions among our partners.
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What is required when applying

It really does not need anything – we are happy to advise you, even if you have not started building the business. In all other cases we require the following minimum information:
For start-ups:
1. Completed Web site (or very close to ready)
2. The document, which tells about the nature of business (preferably a business plan in English)
For operating businesses:
1. The address of the website which you plan to connect
2. Jurisdiction and ownership of legal entities
3. Citizens of which countries are the clients (top three)
4. Monthly turnover of business and the amount of the average “purchases” for 3 months
The listed elements are preferably present in the first application – it would greatly increase the effectiveness of communication. And of course, the openness is very important. It should be understood that the more information you provide, the faster the process.
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How we interact

Detailed interaction procedures are presented in the articles “Accepting payments online” and “Creating offshore schemes”. Therefore, to avoid repetition, here we describe the general ideology of cooperation:

First, we are going to seek for payment providers for you completely free of charge, and even after we find them, we will not charge any money. However, before we introduce you to each other, we will ask to pay for our services. Moreover, the final cost will be determined at that moment. Be prepared for the fact that we will ask to pay for our services from 1 to 3 thousand euros. The higher the cost, the more effort we must have prepared your business and the longer the search and negotiations were.

The second important point is to offer optimized business model. We are always interested in entities and the way taxes are paid not only because acquirers want to see completely certain organizations as their clients, but because in 90% of cases, we know how to optimize your business and want to help you. Often, we offer our customers to change the structure of legal entities, or, for example, to develop the right offers for the connected site and then apply to payment systems. In the case, when our recommendations are not implemented, and we see that with the current “state of affairs” connection is unlikely, then we usually refuse from cooperating. Please, be prepared to radically change something.
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Ideal scheme of cooperation

Historically, our company have gathered good specialists in different areas of Internet business. Therefore, the optimal form of cooperation with us is not getting the individual services, and order a set of works extended in time. One of the possible forms of cooperation may be the transfer of certain functions to manage or run your online business – in this case, our firm will act as the management company.