High risk merchant services

Accepting payments of high-risk businesses

High risk payment processing is one of our specialties. Service of high risk merchant businesses is performed due to the presence of partners in the banking sector around the world and vast opportunities in the design of offshore schemes. Today we offer services for virtually any high-risk services (high risk merchant services).
Highrisk merchant account service is approved
We offer high risk payment gateway for the following classes of high-risk merchants:
Pharmaceutical payments “pharma” – pharmaceutical products (pharmacy payments)
Adult payments – adult sites, adult (xxx, adult payments), porn sites and video chats
AV payments – software, SMS-services, anti-virus software (antivirus payments)
Casino payments – gambling, casino, lotteries, auctions (gambling and casino payments)
Dating payments – dating agencies, escort services (dating services payments)
Payments of high-risk and middle-risk, travel agencies, pawnshops, rent, hotel bookings, etc.
High risk card processing is a challenging task for any Processing Company in any state. As a rule, the main obstacle for the high risk payment gateway is the problem of processing complaints received by the bank of end customers. However, the turnovers in this area are so great that serving the interests of these companies turned to the whole banking industry. For example, recently, an offshore model has become popular with an offshore legal entity, with offshore processor and offshore bank, opening the high risk offshore merchant account. This model proved to be excellent because it allows us to meet all the needs of our customers.

In each case, a proper scheme of work is used. In this case, the most difficult part of any such scheme is a legal solution, which allows end users to ignore complaints (cardholder’s complaints). Each bank involved in the process solves the problem of service of «high risk offshore merchant account» in its own way.
High-risk paymets services

High risk payment bank solutions

Banking solutions for “high-risk” Internet payments
Some banks have insider in the regional offices of the VISA and closes the ID in time, having enormous turnovers in the LOWRISK segment, has an opportunity to “blur” high-risk payments to such extent, that those pass the machine filters of VISA and MasterCard. In some of the Eastern European countries banking structures are so “inosculated” with the government that they simply ignore court decisions, and at the time when the functionaries of the card regulators join, the required “gifts” happen, so that the inspectors have something to share with all of their bosses.
Recently, in the field of online acquiring for high risk businesses Chinese banks began to expand their activities. The generation of “Red Princes” which came to power is so pressing on VISA through China UnionPay, that it has to turn a blind eye to many of the violations to remain competitive. Unfortunately, high risk payment processing, i.e. maintenance of “high-risk” payments in China is currently more expensive and worse than those of Eastern European and Middle Eastern solutions by almost all parameters.

High risk card processing

Aggregation of card payments (Aggregated payment solutions)
Acceptance of payments for all high-risk websites with our help is possible thanks to many relationships established by our company with high risk payment processors and banks around the world. Our partners on high risk card processing carry out the aggregation of payments, legal cover and blurring of the level of chargebacks for any online business. We are ready to work with payments for pharmaceuticals (Farma payments), Adult payments, Antivirus payments, payments of dating sites (Dating payments), payments of online casinos (Gambling payments), as well as provide other high-risk payment solutions.

Dear Sirs, please note, that all of our services in this area are completely free. We take money only for the consultation regarding the risks arising in connection of the companies in some states – the symbolic sum of 300 euros after connecting to cover operating expenses. On any specific high-risk solutions (high risk payment processor solutions) we provide contacts of our partners to work directly. At the same time, our company urges you to act strictly within the law and follow the moral and ethical standards. We are always happy to have you, please, contact us.