Accounts in foreign banks

Our company offers services for remote opening of accounts in foreign banks for individuals and legal entities. Opening accounts is possible in more than ten different foreign banks and offshore jurisdictions.

Accounts in foreign banks being our partners satisfy any requirements on the level of confidentiality, serviceability, manageability, tariffs and availability of additional services.
Unavailability of deposits for the domestic government
Access to favorable credit conditions
Confidentiality of financial transactions
Reduction of costs for international transactions
Reliable guarantees of the financial funds preservation
Opening of merchant accounts
Access to services of Internet acquiring and processing

Opening accounts in foreign banks

We offer solutions with the usual duration of the procedure of account opening, but requiring the provision of a minimum set of documents from Your side.
To open an account in a foreign bank with our company, it requires minimum time, investment and a minimum set of documents
Owning one (and preferably several foreign accounts) is a prerequisite for personal financial security of a modern person
When buying a property or being granted a residence certificate in many developed countries the financial reputation formed by international banking institutions is important
Having an account with a foreign bank, you should not worry about the attitude of the Russian tax authorities to the operations with funds
The achievement of complete anonymity for any government of any country is possible with possession of account on behalf of an offshore company with nominee service
Opening of accounts in foreign banks is a part of the registration of a foreign company, after which it will be able to start business
For companies carrying out business in the Internet on behalf of offshore entities, the existence of foreign accounts is a major advantage
With the help of a foreign account you can not only keep the core activities and  accumulate funds, but also make  successful investments
In the context of globalization, foreign bank account is a necessary tool for the implementation of international commerce
If you want to open an account in a foreign bank, with all your interests, and in full compliance with the legislation - our offer is for you.

Opening an account in a foreign bank with us is quick & easy

Making the decision to open a foreign bank account with us, you are guaranteed the following:
Analysis of your requirements and selection of an appropriate bank
Careful preparation of the necessary documents
Possibility of remote opening of an account
Different types of financial consulting
Efficiency of services
Reasonable prices
Opening a current account in a foreign bank, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the Russian legislation imposes restrictions on such activities in some states. Furthermore, the concept of banking secrecy by different financial institutions is treated differently, so we recommend opening accounts in foreign banks only with the help of experienced professionals.

If you own a legal entity registered in an offshore jurisdiction, you should remember that the concept of confidentiality of beneficiaries is in direct conflict with the bank's rule "Know your customer". To overcome this conflict it requires innovative solutions, which our specialists, of course, are ready to provide for you. Please, contact us.
Current account in a foreign bank means:
Открытие счета в Loyal Bank Limited
Открытие счета в Barclays Bank
Открытая дверь банка
Все представленные на этой Интернет-странице текстовые и графические материалы
являются собственностью ООО «АМСВ ГРУПП» - компании зарегистрированной на территории Российской Федерации.
Использование этих материалов без письменного согласия правообладателя запрещено и будет преследоваться в соответствии
с законодательством путем обращения в хостинг центры, обслуживающие Интернет-сайты нарушителей, а также путем обращения
в судебные инстанции по месту регистрации компании нарушителя или проживания физического лица нарушителя.

Открытие счета в швейцарском банке CIM
Современный швейцарский банк
Сейшельский филиал британского банка

Конфеденциальное оффшорное решение
Opening of accounts
in foreign banks

Offshore accounts

Choosing a bank
for IT- business

Transfer of funds
to the offshore accounts

Benefits of accounts
in the offshore banks
CIM Banque (Switzerland)

Rietumu Banka (Latvia)

ABLV Bank (Latvia)

Anlage & Privatbank (Switzerland)

Barclays bank
(United Kingdom)

Latvijas Pasta Banka

Loyal Bank Limited
(St.Vincent and the Grenad.)

Marfin Laiki Bank

Bank of Cyprus
Other banks:
Norvik Banka - 350 EU
Citadele Banka - 500 EU
Swedbank - 500 EU
- 500 EU
HSBC - 1200 USD
Chartered Bank
- 1200 USD
RBS Coutts
Bank Ltd
- 600 USD
BMI Offshore
- 550 USD
Valartis Bank - 1000 USD
Vontobel Bank - 1000 USD
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